Helping you to be a world leader in the age of broadband and digital media

Azdio acts as a strategic partner to companies that want to be world leaders in the age of broadband, and digital media.
We believe any Strategy should be based on a sound Execution capability.

Given the high demand for our services we only accept engagements that enable us to deliver maximum degree of success and only when our world class experts become available to work on the engagement

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Our Approach

Our Approach has three fundamental principles:

Business and Technical Solutions based on deep understanding of the industry

Help you to define Strategic options that can be practically implemented - i.e. a Strategy is only as good as its implementation

An execution approach that provides unparalleled level of risk management and certainty to your most complex Network, OSS and Software projects in support of your strategy

Our approach for delivery of complex projects

As our CEO says: "anyone can design a complex solution to a problem but only the most experienced professionals can design a simple solution to complex problems."

We take pride in finding the most simple solutions for your complex problems.
This simplification often saves you significant costs (as much as 70% or more) and also brings an unparalleled level of confidence and predictability to costs and time-scales for delivery.

Expertise and Experience

We bring the best expertise and experience to every one of our projects.
We will never accept a project if we cannot resource it with the best and most experienced people for the job. As such, we only do a limited number of projects every year.

We are obsessed by Quality and not by fast growth (unlike all other companies). We always want to do only a few extremely high quality projects than a large number of mediocre ones.

You select Azdio as a partner if you want the truth as we best know and you want the highest degree of professional integrity.
Even if we decide to not undertake your project we can help you to make the right decisions. So talking to us is always beneficial to you.

Azdio specialises in design and delivery of the most complex and largest Software and Network Projects.
We provide an unprecedented level of confidence and predictability to your most complex and capital intensive programmes.

How do we do this?
Azdio Approach to delivery is based on:

1. Management Culture and Our long and unparalleled experience of success in delivering complex projects - Azdio differentiation is the experience that our leadership and our people have acquired over more than 20+ years. This experience and successful track record is key to our success. Azdio brings a wealth of knowledge and prior experience of most complex software and network projects to each new project.

2. World leading Technical Delivery Management approach - Key to success of any project is to have a most rigorous and sophisticated Technical Delivery Management approach. Our approach is refined based on years of experienced and is key to successful delivery of your projects.

3. Subject matter expertise - We know what we know and most importantly we know what we do not know. As such for every project we make sure we bring the best expertise we have and all other expertise required to make the project successful.

4. Understanding of your most complex Requirements - We capture your requirements to a level of detail that removes any ambiguity as what is going to be delivered. This is one of the key elements of our Azdio Delivery Approach (ADA) which will make sure you know, what you will get in detail, from the outset.

5. Creativity and Experience to simplify the solution - Another key principle we follow is to design the solution that is as simple as possible. This is only possible because of our deep and long track record of delivering some of the largest technical solutions in the world. This design simplification is key to delivering the following benefits for you:

Cost reduction: A simple design often costs significantly less to develop Validity: A simple solution is much more easier to validate. On the other hand, a complex solution is often impossible to validate and will cause significant operational and technical problems.

Predictability: A simple solution often makes the delivery much more predictable. This means that the level of confidence is much higher in the delivery of the project to the right cost and time-scales.

Quality of result: A simple design will often directly result in a much higher quality solution to be delivered.


Azdio is founded on an unrivalled technical and engineering expertise. We are focused to ideally meet the needs of service providers and enterprises that want to take advantage of the broadband revolution.

By risk managing the delivery of large scale software projects, distributed systems, web services, networks and broadband implementations to previously unrealised standards Azdio Engineers eliminate execution problems. Our proven record of always achieving technical goals according to agreed time-scales creates a dependable foundation from which to plan all other aspects of your service delivery programme. Ultimately this enables you to fulfil launch commitments to internal or external customers as well as engage and invest in marketing campaigns with absolute peace of mind.

Wide Ranging Experience And Expertise

Azdio Technology teams have extensive experience of working in many different sectors for organisations that have corporate and or domestic customers. These include cable operators, telecommunication operators, banks and financial institutions, utilities and energy businesses including electricity, oil and gas, home entertainment providers and other businesses that rely on large scale networks to achieve business objectives.

Azdio Technology Services
We have deep and world class expertise in the following areas:

Complex Software and IT Systems Design and Implementation including world leading expertise in web services technologies

Large scale Next Generation Network design and implementation including Broadband networks, Broadcast Platforms, IPTV, STB, VoIP and supporting NGOSS software platforms

We pride ourselves in our flexibility and can help our clients to be successful in many different ways including:

Turnkey Contracts: We can completely risk manage the design and delivery of your mission critical Software, IT and Network projects

Technical Delivery Management: We can act as your technical delivery managers in order to manage a diversity of suppliers in a highly rigorous manner

Specific world class expertise: We can provide you with the deepest world class expertise in Software, IT and Network areas of technology

Expert staff augmentation: We can provide expert project staff to complement your teams as part of your project

Technology Solutions

Our aim is to reduce the cost of software development by up to 80% and the cost of software maintenance and support by up to 70%.

How do we do this:

Separating the Design of the software from its Development - Ensuring that the Development is done in a way that the software adheres to extremely tight development standards.

Enabling separation of development from support and maintenance - in order to open up the support and maintenance process to competition.

System Integration approach - that aims to minimise overall spend for delivering the business outcomes.

We aim to provide a reliability and risk management profile predicated on "getting it right" the first time, minimising re-work, and hence reducing the total cost of ownership significantly.

Delivering Unparalleled Cost and Quality Performance

Our approach to delivering your software solutions has the following elements:

Onshore Design:
We bring the world's leading software architects to capture your requirements and design your solution. Our extreme focus on high quality requirements capture and design ensures that we have a high degree of predictability on the outcome and save huge amount on development costs.

Offshore Development:
Once we have a detailed requirement and design of your solution we then use high quality offshore development capability for the development of your software. This will save you significantly in the cost of the development efforts. We are also very happy to work with your existing Software Development partner. We are not tied to any development house.

Onshore Deployment and Integration:
Once your software is developed and fully tested we will then provide world class expertise for its implementation on your sites. To this end we leverage our tried and test and rigorous approach to deployment and roll-out to design and build all the infrastructure elements required for the delivery of your solutions.

We also perform a very rigorous integration testing of the solution on an end to end basis for you. This enables us to fine tune the solution and resolve any outstanding issues with our off-shore development team.

Service Acceptance Testing:
We always define and agree Service Acceptance Criteria with you. This criteria is not only technical criteria but more importantly the Business and Service related criteria that need to be passed before you accept the solution. This will ensure that the solution we developed is fit for purpose to meet the needs of your business. It is not enough to have a solution that meets technical criteria but does not meet service and business criteria. We perform this test rigorously and only handover the solution to you when the tests are passed successfully.

Operations Support:
All new systems have their own specific operational needs. We will provide you with Operations Support services for as long as you need to ensure that you become fully efficient in the operation of your solution.

Regardless of which market segment you operate in, web services is going to be a critical element of you delivering success for your organisation.

For example, if you operate in the Communication Sector you need web services applications that unleash the power of your broadband infrastructure to application developers whether internal or external. In addition, new web services based applications can significantly streamline and improve your operations effectiveness.

Azdio brings to you world's leading expertise in defining your web services strategy as well as defining the best architecture for its implementation.

We can then help you to develop and implement this strategy at a highly competitive cost base and with an unparalleled degree of confidence.

We specialise in the design and development of the largest and most complex software solutions. We use our deep knowledge of the latest software technologies to design and develop the most stable, scalable, flexible and reliable solutions for you. We do this at a very low cost.

Platform Operations

Azdio provides world class operational support capability for a number of tier one operators for their mission critical platforms such as IPTV, OTT, Broadband and critical IT platforms.

Our approach aims to address these key factors through:

Experienced Operations Team: We will deploy a very experienced operations team that will be able to manage the service to the highest standards based on many decades of combined experience.

Most Experienced Design and Implementation Team in Support of Operation: Have our design and development team to be actively and closely supporting the platform operations team. This will ensure we will always have the best expertise to achieve the following:

  • Perform proactive maintenance work to reduce the possibility of issues arising

  • Address issues' route cause through rigorous analysis so that they are not repeated again

  • Oversee the fixing of any major issues that may arise in order to ensure this is done in the most expedited and optimal fashion

  • Rigorously manage all the vendors involved authoritatively

  • Rigorous Operational Processes and Procedures: To define very clearly specified operational processes and procedures that are implemented rigorously through an ongoing and repeated Training program for all staff

    Strong Overall Leader: We aim to offer a CTO level leader as our overall lead in charge of all operational and enhancement activities. This will ensure eircom has always the strongest leadership in place for its support both for ongoing operations as well as enhancement and evolution of the platform.

    Seamless Integration: We will fully integrate our Platform operations teams with Operator Network and Customer Operations in an efficient and seamless manner. This will ensure that you will know that our team is part of your larger technology and operations teams.

    Job Opportunities

    We provide exceptional permanent and contract work opportunities for the UK and EU for wide range of experiences and backgrounds.

    - Technical Project Manager job in Amsterdam
    - Delivery Project Manager job in Amsterdam
    - Solution Architect job in Amsterdam
    - Scrum Master job in Amsterdam

    Please send your CV to:


    Dr Arjang Zadeh - Chief Executive Officer
    Dr. Arjang Zadeh has been a pioneer in broadband, telecom, cable and software industries for over 20 years.

    Prior to creating Azdio, Dr Zadeh was the Global Managing Partner of Network Practice for Accenture Communications & High Tech Operating Group.

    In 2000, Dr Zadeh founded Imagine Broadband a world leading Network Design and Integration and NGOSS Products company. Under his leadership Imagine broadband successfully delivered some of the most complex and largest projects for many of the major Telecom and Cable operators around the world. Dr Zadeh was the CEO of the company until its acquisition and integration into Accenture in Jan 2004. In this role, Arjang was selected as one of the top 50 European executives in broadband Industry ("Broadband Euro 50 - 2003"). Dr Zadeh has a BSc(Hons.) and a PhD degrees in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK.

    Mr Kieran O'Donnell - Senior Vice President - Technology Delivery and Services
    Kieran O'Donnell is one of the most experienced and senior technical delivery executives in the Digital TV, Broadband, Web services and Software development industry.

    Mr O'Donnell has been responsible for many world firsts in the area of Digital Interactive TV and Broadband. He has unparalleled experience of success in the design and delivery of large scale network and OSS systems. In addition, Kieran has worked as the lead for the design and development of some of the largest IT projects in the industry.

    Until 2004, Mr O'Donnell was the Vice President of Engineering for ChelloMedia - a Liberty Global Europe company. Prior to this Mr O'Donnell worked for Accenture and Imagine broadband.

    As the Director and member of the leadership team in Imagine broadband he was first in charge of Imagine broadband Asia-Pacific business and then in charge of the global Sales Support and also Software development activities. Kieran was instrumental for the very successful growth of Imagine broadband services and also implementation of its NGOSS products.

    Prior to above, Kieran worked for Andersen Consulting as one of the leaders in the Digital TV and broadband implementation projects. Mr O'Donnell was also responsible for the implementation and Operation of a number of very large-scale software and IT projects.

    Ms Julia Colleran - Senior Executive - Relationship Management

    The technology and operational excellence means nothing without offering world leading customer experience to our clients. Julia Colleran leads our activities to help us deliver world class customer experience, by listening to our clients and always acting on their needs. We believe this high degree of client focus is vital to our success to help our clients to achieve their business objectives to the highest quality.

    Julia manages Azdio relationship management organisation and works across some of our largest clients.

    Julia has a BA degree in Art.

    Mr Stilian Tcholakov – Director of Technology

    For over 6 years Stilian has been CTO of a major Cable Operator. During this time Stilian led the transformation of the operator from a very poor state to a state of the art network infrastructure and services.

    This included the design, development and launch of a state of the art PacketCable VoIP platform as well as a state of the art Hybrid Digital TV service platform, new state of the art Head-End, New TV, Voice and Broadband NOC and new Data Centre among others. In addition, Stilian was in charge of transforming the Metro Ethernet and HFC networks to a high quality and reliable network based on state of the art reference designs. Stilian was also in charge of Network Field Operations.

    Stilian was also responsible for all IT Platforms.

    Currently Stilian leads Azdio's Eastern European Operations as well as participating as Azdio leader in some of the most exciting projects in the area of VoIP, OTT and Network Transformation.

    Our Clients

    We work with some of the most respected companies in the world.
    Example of current and past clients include:


    Video Industry luminary, Oran Cassem, joins Azdio Executive team

    United Kingdom, (August, 2016) – Azdio Limited a world leading technology services company, is delighted to announce that Mr Oran Cassem  has joined as the member of the executive team of Azdio in the UK.  Prior to joining Azdio, Oran was the CTO of Global Video Unit for the Telefonica Group and before that he was the Senior Vice President and Head of Deutsch Telecom's Video Unit.

    Oran Cassem was previously Huawei's video technology CTO for International customers  as well as Senior Vice President of video solutions for the Ericsson Group. Oran is a visionary in the industry and brings to Azdio the strong strategic view of both short and long term developments in the service provider video business and technology.

    Azdio CEO, Dr Arjang Zadeh, said that "we are honoured to have Oran to join the Azdio Executive team. He has been a true industry icon and brings huge vision and experience to our company and our clients. We are excited to have him on board and look forward to leveraging his experience for the benefit of our clients."

    Oran Cassem said that, "I have worked with Azdio and its management team in the past and they bring the deepest technical know how as well as unparalleled commitment to successful delivery to their clients. I am very happy to be part of the team".


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